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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 20: Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol

Wellllllllllll........ I'd be lying if I said I didn't love me a couple of cocktails or a glass of wine on occasion.

In moderation.

Drugs scare me. Maybe I'm a sissy, but I won't touch them, nor do I tolerate them among my inner circle.  Is that intolerant of me? If I hadn't been burned by people who traded my love and friendship for drugs of various sorts, maybe it would be.

Alcohol, like drugs, can be extremely harmful.  I've seen alcoholism sneak up on people.  It's an easy problem to deny having, especially if those around you drink excessively, too.  The end of my last relationship, prior to dating The Writer, ended at least in part because of his unhealthy drinking habits.

Maybe it's my inexperience with drugs, but to me, it seems easier to know your limits with alcohol, even though those can get lost along the way as well.  Plus, there's the legal side of the situation. While I can't say that I always follow the letter of the law (Have you seen my spedometer?), I don't think I could justify the fines and jail time associated with getting caught with certain drugs.  A good time, to me, isn't worth a criminal record.  At least, with alcohol, if you have a few too many, you can call yourself a cab, get home safe, and have only a hangover as punishment (not that those are at all enjoyable, either).

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