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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Very Warm Home

Last Sunday, The Roommate and I hosted an open house at our new apartment.  It came down to the wire, but we got everything cleaned up and looking presentable by the time our guests arrived.
Our living room: Before and After
The dining room area with loft above it.
It still needs some work since that's our patio table.
I met The Roommate's boyfriend's parents and I think his mom has made it onto my list of favorite people ever.  She was asking me about my nose piercing because her daughter wants one for her 18th birthday.  I was giving her a rundown of my opinions of local piercers when she flat out asks me if my nipples are pierced (they're not).  I like her sass!

The loft/office area above the dining room:
one of my favorite things about the new apartment.
The bathroom. We have the biggest tub EVER!

My room. A big DIY for this space is coming,
but I love it already.

I'd left invitations in each of the neighbors doors, welcoming them to stop by and say "Hi."  I figured most wouldn't come but, at the very least, they'd be aware that a good number of people were going to be coming and going from the building. Hey, we covered PR in college!  Only two neighbors took me up on my invite, the creepy guy from right downstairs and a sweet lady from the first floor who brought a cherry pie (my favorite!).  I quickly ran out of things to talk about with them, but I tried.

People seemed to like what we I had done with the place, or, just the apartment in general.  It still needs a lot of work, as far as decor is concerned, which I plan to cover in DIY posts.  I was just happy to get all of the furniture collected and arranged.

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