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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Looking Forward To...

Underemployment is depressing. I'm sure that's not surprising.  I find it pretty difficult to write when I'm feeling down, since all my thoughts seem to come out as whining, at least that's how it seems to me.  I'm feeling an upswing in my mood after a pleasant phone call today with a woman who may end up being my next boss.  I'm really hoping things fall into place with this job.  Its what I've been looking for, almost exactly.

I'm looking forward to being financially stable and to having a job that can become my career if I so choose.  I'm also really looking forward to indulging, if you'd like to call it that, in things that have fallen by the wayside in my time of fiscal scarcity.  Things like: new work clothes, having a professional cut and color my hair, groceries every week, new glasses, shoes that don't hurt my feet and last more than six months, jeans that fit well, Sephora eyeliner, new panties, eyebrow waxes, pedicures and Netflix.

Its funny how many of the things in that list never seemed like luxuries back in February when I though I had everything set.  I know its going to take time before I can have all those things, but I'm definitely looking forward to a good cut and color.  My hair is out of control.  The Writer lovingly equates my bangs to those of a sheepdog, as in, they've grown past my nose.  I'm also going to have the batch of dress pants that A handed down to me altered, since they're way too long.  Once that's done,  getting new work clothes won't be such an issue.

I just keep hoping.  I want stability so badly.  I want to be able to afford ice cream, oh yum!
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