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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meeting the Band

Tomorrow, I will be meeting famous people! Too bad I looked them up on the interwebz and they look kind of douche-y. Not quite Jersey Shore douche-y, but a little bit like they are too proud of the fact that they don't shower and how "scene" that makes them.

I'm getting ahead of myself. While someday I hope to have a job that requires familiarity with the glitterati and glamourati, I don't yet. I work in retail, in the Midwest. Celebrity sightings are not at an all-time high.  No, I am going to meet and "up-and-coming" band from LA because my co-worker won a four pack of meet-and-greet tickets. I say "up-and-coming" rather than "rockstar" because they have only just released their first single. In my honest opinion, it's nothing special, so I'm not expecting a whole lot from this interaction. It's free though, and who turns down a free opportunity to meet and take photos with potential rockstars?

Now, the only question is, what does one wear to meet potential rockstars? Obviously, I want to look good (there will be cameras!), but not too good (not one of "those" girls). The idea of flirting with with these gentleman, no matter their hygiene habits, is a little tempting, but I'm going to resist. Like I said, I'm not "that" girl at concerts (or ever).
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