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Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Hello, I Live Here."

I'm sure every fan of Sex and the City says they are just like Carrie. Or Charlotte. Or Miranda. Or Samantha.

Me? I'm all four on any given day.  I'm cynical, like Miranda.  I'm obsessive, like Charlotte. I can deliver the dirty joke that everyone was thinking but no one would say in a way Samantha would be proud of.

But Carrie. Oh, Carrie.

I relate to the Carrie/Big relationship in a "big" way: the unanswered questions, the back-and-forth, etc.  I write, she writes. The shopping and subsequent debt. The good, the bad, and the shoes.

Remember the scene from the first SATC movie, when Carrie walks into the penthouse that Big eventually buys and turns arounds, enraptured, and says, "Hello, I live here"? I said those very same words when I saw the amazing closet in my new apartment.

Before and After: My new walk-in closet.

Finally, I have room to organize all of my clothes, shoes, and accessories.  I don't wear half of my accessories nearly as often as I could, because I've always had them hidden away.  Now, though, they're out where I can see them and take full advantage of them. 

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