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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Trend: Peplum Tops

How I love feminine trends!  Peplum tops are popping up everywhere this spring.  They're so versatile as far as what body types they flatter as they define the waistline, which is universally slimming and flirty.  I'm alsovpretty sure they help give a little "oomph" to the rear end, to which I say, "Yes, please!"  

I really this top demands red lipstick, something every girl should have.  I have a small addiction to buying red lip products: lipstick, gloss, balm, stain, you name it.  The one I have on in these photos is one of Revlon's new Lip Butters in Candy Apple.  I'd definitely recommend to someone who was a little shy about lipstick or trying red for the first time.  Its sheer with a little bit of shine and forgiving if you accidentally color outside of the lines a little, no lip liner needed.  I wouldn't call it long-wearing, but I don't have to apply it any more than I would normal lip balm.  Its a great everyday lip color and I love it a little more every time I wear it.

What I'm Wearing:
Peplum Polka Dot Tee: H&M
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Black Flats: American Eagle

I'm very excited for Spring weather and Spring trends.  Every few days, we get a clear blue sky that makes you want to go for a walk in the park.  Its still a bit chilly for that, though, unfortunately.  The Writer is in Florida visiting family and making me jealous of all the sunshine he's enjoying.  This year is the first time ever that I will be able to go on a paid vacation and I'm thinking that I may want to cash in on that soon.  I haven't been at my job a very long time, but it has been a busy few months that have made me very ready for the weather to thaw out and to enjoy some vacation time.  Sometimes it feels like I'm going a million miles an hour with no routine, since my work is open seven days a week.  Today is like my Sunday and I'm so thankful for some "me time"to catch up on magazines and get ahead on my laundry piles.

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