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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lazy Daisy

One of my many sources of income is from a receptionist position at a gym.  You'd think that, with unlimited access to fitness equipment, I'd work out all the time and be pretty in shape.  You would be wrong.

I did work out for a while, back when I first started working there.  I had my upcoming vacation to Florida to look forward to and to look good for.  I even did an ok job of eating healthy and exercising once I got down there...for the first two days, that is.  Once I got back, I made an attempt to get myself back on track, but was quickly derailed by a bout with a serious stomach flu.

After being wiped out by the anti-nausea drugs and other things, I never got back into the habit of exercising.  Months passed.  I let my busy schedule become an excuse.  I gained a few pounds and started to feel unhappy with the way my clothes fit.  I decided that I couldn't go to NYC this summer looking less than my best, since it is a rather fashionable city and The Writer is living blocks from the garment district (Yay!).  I may not be able to afford couture, but I can try it on, and when I do, it better fit.

I gave myself until after his departure to return to my regimen.  After all, I was busy and didn't want to miss a single second with him. Today, in the effort of preventing dressing room meltdown, I put my butt on a bike at work and pedaled away.  Actually, I didn't really go away anywhere, since it was a stationary bike, but you get the idea.  Forty-five minutes of less than enthusiastic pedaling later, I'd burned about 200 calories and given myself a very sore rear.  It's a start.  I figure that a few crunches, a mile or two on the bike/treadmill/elliptical several times a week, and my non-existant food budget will send a skinny girl to NYC in about a month!

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