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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 29: Something You Hope to Change About Yourself, and Why?

My confidence and optimism have been lagging lately.  I have to ask myself, "Why?" Why have I let myself get depressed? I've let my circumstances get me down, which is almost inevitable when you're in a position like mine. By "my position", I mean surviving on four part-time incomes, none of which have the right combination of being fulfilling and profitable, all the while searching for my true passion and direction in life.

I would very much appreciate a change in circumstances.   I know circumstances aren't something about me that I can change, but I'd like if they'd change, nonetheless.  Why? I want to start making headway on my goals.  A simple list of my goals includes: eradicating my unsecured debt, moving out of the Midwest, and becoming financially secure and responsible.  I'm being responsible as much as I can, really. I'm saving towards my trip to NYC this summer and eliminating "want" purchases and skimping on "need" purchases.  Still, the income just isn't there to make extra payments on my credit cards and student loans like I'd like to, much less save towards moving.  My employment situation(s) must change in order for many of my goals to be met. It's just that simple.  I know money isn't everything and my passion may not turn out to be a high paying one, but money and the lack thereof is holding me back at this point in life.

I took a break from writing this post, during which I got a phone call.  This phone call led to another phone call, which led to a job interview, which may lead to the change in circumstances that I need. My heart is all a-flutter.  I don't want to say too much, but I'm excited.  It may not be my dream job, but it is pointed in that direction much more than any other full-time job I've interviewed for, and that is hopeful.

Could this be my break?

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