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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 19: What Do You Think of Religion? -or- What Do You Think of Politics?

Aren't these the two topics that are never to be brought up in polite conversation? Sheesh.

I'm somewhat apathetic about politics, to be honest.  I try to stay somewhat aware, but it's just not something I invest a ton of time in.

Religion: First, I have to say that I think faith and religion are separate.  Ideally, religion would exist to further people's faith, however, I think that religion has become a way for certain people to manipulate other people.  Like government, it is an easily corrupted system.  Religion played a large part in destroying my faith, or rather, people in leadership in a religious organization.  It wasn't until I removed myself from that environment that I was able to discover a faith of my own.
I also hate that each religion is so certain of it's own correctness that it becomes hateful towards those of other belief systems.  History has record of so many wars that have begun because of one group's religious persuasion.  I'm not just talking about Jihad, here, I'm looking at you too, Crusades. No one is guilt free.  World peace is a lofty goal, one that I personally believe to unachievable, but don't use your god as a reason to destroy other people.  What gain does that bring anyone? What higher power is glorified by the death of people who are killed for being different?

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