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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Mini Stay-cation

On Saturday, I started my lovely long weekend off my redeeming my birthday gift certificate from The Writer for a relaxing massage.  I haven't had a massage in so many years and it was so much more wonderful that I could have ever imagined, I didn't want to end.  I was so calmed that I actually took a nice long nap that afternoon.  Its amazing what not having to go work anytime soon with do for you.

What I'm Wearing:
Tee: Target
Scarf: Forever 21
Trouser Jeans: Freestyle Revolution
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Coach

I woke up in time to get ready to go out to dinner with Ang.  Its never good when the first thing your server says to you is that its her second day on the job. So, naturally, Ang ordered the complicated cocktail that required pouring pink alcohol over a fluff of cotton candy at our table.  Poor woman, it wasn't her night.

Today got off to a slow start too, but hey, I'm practically on vacation.  After a morning with The Writer, I strolled through DSW armed with my Christmas and birthday gift cards.  I found some bright blue pumps that were really cute, but pinched too much.  There were some other cute spring heels, but I'm not ready for the bright neon colors. Target was a bust also and I left empty handed. The Writer and I are going to H&M up around Cleveland tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have better luck then.  I'm not sure how I'd rather spend my staycation than with The Writer, relaxing and sprucing up my wardrobe.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dress for the Life You Want

It was brought to my attention several times during the past week that I look unusual.  I'm not sure if the commenting customers meant to be complimentary, but that's how I chose to take it.  Most recently I was told that I am "an old soul", that my face and dress are from a different era.  Since I consider Joan from Man Men a style inspiration, I was flattered.  The other customer flat out asked, "You're not from around here, are you?" I thought I had been short with her or said something in an accent that only shows up on certain words when people are looking for it.  No, it was the fact that I looked put together at work.  She confessed to me how she loves to wear vintage but hates the looks she gets from people in this area.  Why is looking put together or polished so uncommon?

At least I know I'm not the only one saddened by the general lack of style in this geographic area.  Honestly, its almost as if some people don't even bother to get dressed.  I see more than one person out and about in their pajama pants daily.  If you count sweatpants as pajamas (which I do - wear them at home or at the gym!), that number quadruples.  Forget tailoring.  Not everything must be knitted, people!

Sometimes its tempting not to care because it seems like no one else does.  I get depressed when I start feeling like this, as if everything is starting to deteriorate at once.  It takes courage to take charge of your life and your wardrobe! I firmly believe more people should do both.  I don't want to get stuck in the complacency that I see all around me.  They say you should dress for the job you want, particularly in interviews, but I say, dress for the LIFE you want.  Clothes make us feel a certain way, are you going to be ready to talk to that really important person about your latest and greatest idea in your sweatpants? I don't think so!

What I'm Wearing:
Tie-Front Blouse: The Limited
Button Pocket Trousers: Kohl's
Satin Slingbacks: Nina (probably from Marshall's a long time ago)
Gold & Cream Cuff: The Limited 

Hey! It's OK to be Awesome!

Monday, February 20, 2012

"A Finer Night You Know You'll Never See"

Even though it has been almost a week since Valentine's Day, I wanted to share some pictures and details of my date night with The Writer.

My knight in shining armor arrived at my door bearing a beautiful bouquet of flowers:

Each of us opened our gifts from the other before heading off to the local art museum to take a spin through the galleries before dinner.  My presents make me smile, not only because I love them, but because they prove how well The Writer knows me and how thoughtful he is.  He ordered in chocolates from Sockerbit, a NYC candy store that I'd visited and raved about last summer.  They are delicious!  He also found The Sartorialist's book of street style photos for me. Hello, endless inspiration!

After the art museum, which was quite enjoyable, we continued on for a late dinner at Kozmo's, a reclaimed laundromat.  What used to be a very utilitarian space is now a spacious, yet cozy, dining establishment.  The floor and parts of the walls that aren't exposed brick are perfectly stained to reflect a familiar glow and the booths are big enough to lie down in, not that we tried.

When we'd finished our scrumptious meals,  we came back to my apartment for champagne and strawberries and other desserts I'd spent the day making.  I might've gone a little overboard on the sweets, since we still have quite a few left over.  It was fun having a variety and I'm pretty sure The Writer was in sugar heaven.

Our Feast!
Strawberry and Blackberry Thumbprint Cookies 
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Covered Brownies
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Happy Valentine's Day!

Title: Cinderella by Rogers & Hammerstein
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