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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Road Trip!

I'm fighting to stay awake at my desk this morning.

Yesterday, The Writer picked me up from work and we drove all the way to Pittsburgh to go to Ikea.  It was only supposed to take us two hours, but the GPS was determined to keep us on rural roads, so it felt like much longer.  I was looking for some small items for my new apartment, like an extra end table, a lamp, and some general decor.  It was nice to an inventory other than that of Target or Walmart.  I'd started to feel like I was at one of those two stores every other day, staring at the same stuff and not wanting any of it.

First, at Ikea, they have carts with swivel wheels on all four corners instead of just the usual front two corners.  I was first to discover this and, since they took a little getting used to, was a little out of control.  The Writer took this as an opportunity to revoke my driving privileges (the Jersey jokes never get old).  I think he just wanted a turn with it, since he spent the rest of the day swinging the cart around and riding it through Ikea. I'm sure they loved us.

We wandered through the "accessories" section first, as in, not the main showroom.  I picked up a few kitchen and bathroom things, as well as some wall hangings that will serve as a headboard. I can't wait to put them up.  My walls are SO bare and my attraction to neutrals makes for a pretty bland living space at times.  After that, we made our way through the showroom upstairs, lusting after amazing kitchen and cozy living room displays.  I'm so thankful that our design styles mesh.  I'd be excited to decorate a living space with him, should we ever end up living together.

I found the end table and matching coffee table (an unplanned addition) downstairs in the warehouse, where The Writer had some serious fun with the shopping cart in the wide, concrete aisles.  I'm lucky I didn't get run over!  I'd planned on taking pictures of our adventure, since we never seem to do that, but my camera died when I tried to take the first shot. Sad. And no, I didn't have extra batteries.  I'm not an extra-batteries kind of girl.

We decided to try Bahama Breeze for dinner before heading home.  We both had the Jamaican Chicken Breast.  It was delicious, but neither of us was particularly full afterwards, so we had to hit Panera before setting out.  Thankfully, the GPS was kind to the poor, tired driver (Him) and kept us on highways the whole way back.  Once home, I, of course, had to get the tables put together before going to bed.  I did it partly from excitement, but also new that I was picking up some second-hand Ikea furniture (a loveseat and two chairs) from my old theatre and that they would need putting together today.

The Roommate and I decided to have an open house on Sunday for all of our friends in the area, so I've got a lot to do.  I want the place to look as put together as possible, because I am itching to take some photos and get them posted.  Not to mention having to plan drinks and snacks for the party.  I think I may only be more tired by Monday.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh I've been to that same Ikea and Bahama Breeze! Their food is really good. Next time your up that way, try Bucca. It's a good place to eat and the portions are done family style.

The Remarkable (Rambunctious) Redhead said...

I've had Buca! I was actually there for someone's wedding reception.....yea. It's pretty yummy, but he has a milk allergy and we figured it would be hard to find something to share that'd be safe for him.

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