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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 11: Something People Seem to Compliment You the Most On

I have been gifted with some pretty long eyelashes.  I never really thought they were extraordinary, but once I got to the age when girls started wearing makeup people started to notice them.  People would ask if they were my real lashes.  Of course they are! I have never been able to wear falsies because i can't manage to get them behind my real lashes. I can't get contacts past them either.  I can't wear certain sunglasses because I won't be able to close my eyes if my lashes touch the lenses.  It's awful. Not. Although, they did truly work against me when I was 14 and a makeup artist tried to pull them off.  She said she needed to start with a clean slate.  Mhmm, ouch.  I learned to do my own stage makeup after that.

I get complimented on my eyes/eyelashes more than anything else.  It seems superficial, but strangers aren't going to compliment you on the way you cook or care about your friends.  I think women tend to compliment my eyelashes and men compliment my actual eyes.  Maybe because men pay less attention to detail? The Writer says they are his favorite part of me.  I went into my piercer to have my nose ring changed about a month ago and he complimented my eyes asked if I was wearing contacts.  Why do people assume that if something is pretty or impressive that it is fake?

I've come to like them and learn to work with them.  I rarely leave the house without mascara, even if I'm not wearing any other makeup.  If I have to choose to play up either my lips or my eyes, I definitely choose the eyes.  I feel confident when they're enhanced. I've seen (no pun intended) what they can do and I'll take that advantage.

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