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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Layering for the Office (10.20.11)

 Today was a milestone at work.  I filled out my very first expense report!  I was amazed at what I'll be getting reimbursed for last week's travel.  Apparently, the IRS sets standards for these sorts of things, but since the amount is more than double what I spent on gas this month, I'm excited!  I guess its supposed to cover "wear and tear" on your personal vehicle, but if you knew my car, you'd know its about as worn and torn as it can get before needing replaced.  We put a new transmission in it earlier this year because it would be cheaper than finding a new car at such short notice, but when the new transmission calls it quits, so do I.  Needless to say, I'll be looking forward to traveling for work more.

What I'm Wearing:
Red Sleeveless Button-Down: Express
Gathered Sleeve Cardigan: The Limited
Black Pants: Express Editor Pant
Suede Leopard Pumps: JS by Jessica

Since I don't have (free) laundry facilities at my apartment, I usually take my things over to The Writer's to wash every other weekend or so.  I always like my outfits the first week better, haha.  This is the second week.  Today, I decided to be daring and give my new leopard print shoes a day out.  I'd bought them a while ago and hadn't worn them because I was still getting a feel for the office dress code.  By now, I've accepted that I will probably be the most "dressed-up" one there and I'm ok with that.
I rarely wear pants to work, partially due to the fact that I don't own work appropriate pants in colors other than black and black pinstripe.  I like looking feminine and love almost nothing more than a pencil skirt.  Every working woman/any woman with style should own one.  They're polished, yet sexy, professional, yet feminine.  Anyways, I didn't wear a pencil skirt today, so I'll quit talking about them, for now.  I figured wearing the leopard pumps with pants that would partially hide them would be a good way to ease an otherwise in-your-face shoe into the workplace.  Also, today was predicted to have a high of 45 degrees Farenheit, so I didn't mind having my legs a little more covered up.  I layered a tank underneath the sleeveless top, as well, for some extra warmth and coverage.  There's something about leopard that just begs to be worn with red and khaki.  Maybe its the obvious choice, but since I'm a little bit of a newbie with prints, I'm sticking to it.  

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