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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where I'm Going: NYC Part 1

I've been kind of quiet on the blog-front these last few days.  I've missed hitting "Publish Post" and oo-ing and ah-ing over my blog.  Things with work, and consequently, life, have been a little more than complicated lately and I've been really down.  I don't want my blog to be a place where I whine about things that aren't going my way, so I've kept my mouth shut.

If it hasn't become obvious yet, I'm super pumped about my trip to visit The Writer in NYC.  The trip is a bright spot amongst my grey circumstances.  He'll be working six out of the ten days I'll be there, so I'm going to have some time to explore the city on my own.  I've been making a list of places I want to go, many of which we may end up at together.  Planning has had me pouring over maps of Manhattan, so I feel pretty prepared to navigate alone.

1. Rita's Water Ice 
Water Ice is pretty much an east coast thing. A very good thing, to be exact. Growing up in New Jersey, I can't remember a summer that didn't involve walking to a water ice shop for my favorite flavor: usually mango or mint chocolate chip.  When I came to Ohio to go to college, no one had ever heard of water ice. In fact, they thought I was crazy. I think it's the name that's confusing.  I was beyond excited to find a NYC location for Rita's.  I can't wait to take The Writer there so he can see how it can be water and ice at the same time ;-)

2. Topshop
When my old roommate and The Writer ventured to London last spring, they came back with such goodies from Topshop that I knew I had to go there, first chance I could.   The Writer, being the sweetie that he is, sent me a text a couple weeks ago during his free week in New York that said, "Need anything from Topshop?" My reply was, "Probably!" I'm so glad he likes shopping!

3.  Mood Fabrics 
I'm excited to go here, and to many other fabric stores in the garment district, not only because I'm a slight fan of Project Runway, but because I am so tired of JoAnn Fabrics.  There is a world beyond quilting and prom dresses, people!  Why are there seven aisles of fleece?  I have a list of outfits that I want to create for myself, but finding the right fabric around here has been difficult.  I wonder if there's anywhere in NYC to rent a sewing booth, or something like that.  If there was, I wouldn't have to pack as many clothes, since I could just make new ones once I got there!

4. Magnolia Bakery
CUP. CAKES. I might not be able to eat them, they are so gorgeous!  The Writer told me that they had Magnolia cupcakes at his internship this weekend and they looked divine.  Even though I read someplace recently that Crumb cupcakes are better, I still have to go to Magnolia.  Who knows, maybe I'll go to Crumb, too.  Stay tuned for the post in which I mourn the return of my love handles because I spent days consuming only delicious cupcakes.

5. Central Park
This is one place that I've been before, but am excited to go back to.  I may spend an afternoon at the Central Park Zoo, or just lounge in the sun with a book.  I may borrow The Writer's bicycle and ride around the whole park for a day.  I'll probably need the extra exercise after indulging in too many Magnolia cupcakes!

There are many more places on my list, but I'm saving them for another day.  If anyone's going to be in the city July 6-10 and wants to join me on my solo adventures, shoot me an email and we can meet up!

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