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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Redhead Shops: Accessories on the Cheap

I have an near obsession with solids. There are very few prints in my closet, which usually means my outfits usually need a little "something" extra before they look like I put effort into them.  I've had most of my jewelry for a pretty long time and rarely buy new items, since I tend to favor buying more clothes over buying more accessories.  I have one shirt in particular, a favorite, that begs for accessories:

It could work by itself, if paired with a patterned skirt or other bottom but, like I said, I mostly stick to solids.  Otherwise, it needs a necklace.  

Since I don't buy jewelry often, I didn't own any of the long, layerable necklaces that have come into style.  I've been making my outfits work by borrowing my roommates'.  The trouble with this is, I don't really like them. I like the way they look with the outfit, but I'm not wild about the actual pieces.  I have a rule for myself that gets followed 98% of the time: if it's listed in the Lucky Charms song ("Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows, and me red balloons") I will not wear it.  The only exception that I can think of is the heart-shaped Pandora charm The Writer gave me for our first Valentine's day together, which I love and was super sweet and thoughtful on his part.

Anyhow,  my point is that I broke my shopping ban yesterday.  One of my Besties invited me to the mall with her so I made a deal with myself.  I desperately needed to get out of the house and was sick of having to wear The Roommate's jewelry, therefore, I was allowed to buy some long necklaces as long as they were inexpensive.  Thank goodness for Forever 21 when you're broke, right?!
I love the feathered jewelry trend, and was immediately drawn to the long gold necklace.  It looked a little sparse by itself, so I layered it with the shorter feather necklace.  Combined cost of this set? $6.60!

The next two are silver, though it's a little hard to tell due to the lighting in  the photos (I'm not a photographer, in the least).  The first one was only $5.80!  It's hooked on the longest link of the extender, so it can be worn about three inches shorter, as well.  I'm seeing a LBD in it's future! The second silver necklace was the most costly, at $6.80--still not bad!  The end of the tassel hangs about to my belly button.  I love that it's simple, yet still makes a statement.  I foresee it being very versatile.
Since I was experimenting with layering necklaces, I tried both silver pieces on at once.  Bestie liked the way they looked, but I'm not 100% convinced.  It would probably work with the right outfit, something a little more Bohemian than my green shirt.

All in all, I've very pleased with my new additions.  If I'd known I could get away with four pieces that I love for under $20, maybe I wouldn't have shied away from accessories for so long!

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