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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

It's official! At 6:55am on the Fourth of July, I will be flying to New York City and by 9:30am, hopefully, The Writer and I will be doing this:
I can't actually remember whether or not we were really kissing. We were being goofy, that's for sure. 9:30am is a little early for goofiness, but after being apart for over a month, I don't think it will matter much.

I have so many ideas and things I want to do.  I got an unexpected surprise when I went to purchase my tickets this morning: if I flew there on the Fourth of July, I could have an extra two days more than I'd planned for a lower price than the deal I'd originally found.

I'm so excited!  I had a dream a few nights ago that I became BFF's with Isaac Mizrahi at Starbucks and totally became his muse.  In my dream, he gave me a handbag that looked like a Marc Jacobs design from a few years ago.  Regardless, it was beautiful and we were fabulous. I think it's a good sign.

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