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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Work Week Recovery

After slumming it all week in gym clothes, I was determined to have a fabulous outfit filled day today.  I'm glad my job at the gym is only part-time.  I've been working extra hours there this week and will be doing the same next week, which is great for my bank account, but awful for my closet.  Since I've been working out so much while at work, getting "dressed-up" has not really been an option.  I guess it could be an option, but, long story short, I get harassed less if I hide behind my workout clothes.  Plus, it's easier for people to figure out that I work at the gym when I dress the part.

Today was not a super-summery day in Ohio. It was fairly cool and not alway sunny, so bright colors weren't striking my fancy.  I opted for the classic light t-shirt and jeans look instead.

What I'm Wearing:
Dark Straight/Skinny Jeans: Express Denim
Ruched Black T-Shirt: Lucca Couture from Urban Outfitters
Black Cami: Victoria's Secret
Necklace: Forever 21
Textured D'Orsay Heels: Charlotte Russe
Clutch: New York & Co.

I had the shopping bug after running some errands this morning and found a dress that I can't stop thinking about it.  I didn't buy it, what with trying to be frugal and all, but if it's still there next weekend, I may give in.  Justification: as long as it's not too short when I try it on, it will look professional under a blazer, and I need more colorful business pieces.  I have a lot of black (today's outfit being a perfect example) since I used to be required to wear black or white for work, but since that's no longer a requirement, nor do I ever wish to work in an environment that dictates my color choices again, I'm determined to branch out. In fact, I've just convinced myself. 
Red dress, here I come!
As I mentioned, I've been kicking my own butt at the gym this past week, and somehow strained a muscle in my back. I'm old, I know. Needless to say, trotting around in heels didn't do me any favors, but after spending the week in RunTones, I didn't care!  These shoes are actually one of my most comfortable pairs of heels, shocking, considering I usually associate Charlotte Russe shoes with feeling like plantar fascilitis is in my near future.

That's all, folks!

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