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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rosie the Riveter

"Casual" was the word used to describe today's meeting.  This word feels like a trap to me when used in conjunction with work events.  How do I know my definition of "casual" isn't too casual? Or will everyone be in yoga pants and my casual will look overdressed?  I'm glad I steered clear of yoga pants, not that I honestly considered them in the first place.  I was the only one in heels, but that's pretty typical.

What I'm Wearing:
Tank:  Sears
V-neck Tee: Target
Brown Motorcycle Jacket: Target
Trouser Jeans: Freestyle Revolution
Heeled Hiking Boots: Target
Silk Scarf, Turban Style: Missoni for Target
Clearly, I was having another ponytail day.  With so many early mornings this week, my hairstyles have been as simple as possible, since I want all the sleep I can get.  My "casual" office outfit needed some POP though, so I broke out my Missoni scarf for the first time.  Not that my photo does a good job of showing how it really looked, but it worked well with the pink and brown, I think.

The overall outfit reminded me of Rosie the Riveter, a little rugged.  It was mostly in the twisted scarf as a headband and girlie-tough boots that had me feeling like a vintage poster.  I needed the "We Can Do It" attitude to be running through my head today in the meeting, as some pretty stressful things have been going on at work.  Maybe I'll get a little postcard-sized Rosie to keep by my work station.  Modern iconography?

I have a long weekend coming up! I can't promise many outfits, but I'll try.

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