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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Friday Night

Last Friday night went a little differently than I'd planned.  It was The Writer's mom's last day in town before flying back to Florida, so they were hanging out and I'd planned on putting my feet up and relaxing after a long day at work.  As I was walking in from my car, I noticed that my garage door was open.  This was unusual, since I'd had a padlock on it since I'd moved in.  After further inspection, I discovered that whoever had cut the lock from the door had also take both mine and The Writer's mountain bikes.  I was so shocked. I thought I lived in a really safe area and had nothing to worry about, though I kept my doors locked anyway.  I filed a police report, but I have a feeling our bicycles are gone for good.

It would be a little silly to run out and get a new bike now, or even ask for one for Christmas, since Ohio will be covered in snow sooner rather than later.  I've been searching around, nonetheless, to see what's out there.  My parents got me my mountain bike when I was ten years old, maybe.  It was great for riding around camp, but since I'm not much for camping anymore, I think I may look into more of a casual, cruising-type bike, if there is such a thing.  Something maybe like this:
Or maybe one in mint:

How cute are these saddlebags?! And in Va-Voom red? Oo La!

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