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Thursday, July 28, 2011

NYC in Photos

Since my camera broke several days into my trip, I was either camera-less or borrowing my boyfriends.  This meant that many of my posts didn't have and snapshots to go with them right away.  I thought, rather than go back and amend all prior NYC posts, why not just post 'em all, album style? Enjoy!
In Central Park: First thing we did together : )
@ The Fireworks: Tired and sweaty from a
long day of travel and walking

By the Jackie O. Resevior on our way to The Gugg
The Guggenheim

Me, in somewhat recycled but favorite outfit

@MoMA's Free Friday Nights

Broadway Boogie Woogie: A favorite

My squirrel friend in Battery Park

@ The Cloisters

Cloisters Garden

Another garden!

Just a little Tiffany (@the Met)
One of my SoHo finds. The light fabric was
great in the heat

Me & Hatshepsut know how to pose!
I love his sense of humor!


JUST ME said...

I am so amazed that you walked around NYC in the SUMMER.

Even when I lived there I tried not to walk around too much. The smell of pee and melting asphalt made me feel like I had lost some sort of deal with the devil...

Anonymous said...

I love your orange dress! It's so pretty and you accessorized it so well!

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