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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Morning After

Last night, after a slightly delayed and disorganized flight out of LaGuardia (I will be avoiding this airport in the future), I returned to my Midwest apartment to find it in a state of chaos.  For some of the clutter, I am to blame.  I forgot to empty the coffee grounds out of the machine and left some clean laundry un-put away when I left.  The rest of it, though, I am appalled by.  I'd always thought of my roommate as a fairly clean person, even though her bedroom is usually in disarray.  In my absence, I see the disarray has crept out from behind her bedroom door and taken over, most noticeably, the bathroom.  Yikes!

I woke up this morning feeling very unmotivated to whip the apartment back into shape, yet knowing it needs to be done.  For goodness sake, poor Bun's cage wasn't cleaned the entire time I was gone and reeks to high heaven.  I could certainly rant on about the poor puff ball being forced to live in his own waste for far too long, since he was not allowed enough exercise while I was gone either, but I won't whine.

I was also, upon waking, acutely aware that the sounds outside my window were not the sounds of Midtown.  Rather than hearing the police sirens, cab horns, and bus brakes, there was someone banging on my gutter and running various types of yard equipment.  I think I've actually come to prefer the sounds of traffic.

I need to get moving, to get myself into a new routine.  I have one less job than I did before leaving for New York, so my schedule is going to be pretty different now.  I'm hoping that a full-time position will come my way soon and my efforts to encourage that will take up time (and gas money) as well.

Today itself has so many little things on it's "to do" list.  I feel almost hungover from deliriously wonderful vacation.  The idea of staying in bed and putting off the day for as long as I can sounds welcoming, but the show must go on!

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