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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Wear

The weekends present a sort of conundrum when it comes to putting myself together.  I don't want to be known for a uniform of jeans, a tee shirt, and Converse or, heaven forbid, sweatpants. I also don't want to work too hard on an outfit, since it is the weekend and it's not necessary to overdress for errands.  This weekend outfit was easy and comfy, but not sloppy.  We're also getting to that point in Ohio weather where you never know what its going to be like outside and, therefore, never sure if you should bundle up or not bother and just walk quickly from your car to the store to avoid having to carry your coat while shopping.  Thank goodness for sweaters!

 What I'm Wearing:
Purple Banded Top: not sure, maybe TJMaxx
Chocolate Cardigan: The Limited
Jeans: Express
Plaid Flats: Kelly & Katie
Tote: Vera Bradley

I've also been trying to experiment with some new hairstyles for a few reasons. For one, straightening all the time is really damaging and I find it makes my hair look dirtier faster.  I try to shampoo every other day as much as possible to avoid drying out my strands and to keep my color from fading.  Curling keeps my hair looking fresh longer, but is time consuming.  Ponytails quickly induce boredom.  So, what to do?  I've never been one of those girls that could simply throw their hair up into a messy bun and walk out the door.  Its probably because I'm so meticulous and I hate for my hair to be a mess, even if, by chance, it were a cute mess.  Instead, I've been trying to master the topknot and gradually get used to letting it become a little messy.  I'm not disappointed in this particular attempt: 

Have a lovely weekend!

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