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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Orange You Glad?

Mixing my professional and casual wardrobes is sometimes a challenge for me.  I'm always afraid of looking too masculine if I wear a button-down shirt outside of work.  A while ago, I saw a picture of some editor of something dancing at a party with a button-down shirt knotted in the front.  Since it looked good on her, I decided to try it with a silky, over-sized blouse from Express.  I was pretty happy knotting my shirt like I used to do back in the 90's.  I never got away with it for long back then, my mother always told me to put my shirt down.  My five year old self probably wasn't smart enough to remember the tank underneath all the time, haha.

Speaking of, are the 90's making another go 'round? Neon is out in full force, that's for sure, and I've started noticing more tops with knotted features. I think these things are ok, as long as no one is gathering their baggy tee shirts to the side and holding them there with a scrunchy.  Really, as long as the scrunchy doesn't make a comeback, we'll survive.

Notice something different about my pictures today? They're outside! I asked the Writer to play photographer for me, so we went out side for some shots.  It was a little windy and brisk, but I'm sure we were all sick of seeing my pantry doors. I'm not yet comfortable taking my tripod outside with me as some of my male neighbors have been known to be fairly rude.

What I'm Wearing:
Tank: The Limited
White Button-Down: Express 
Jeans: Charlottle Russe (I think)
Ankle Boots: Blowfish


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