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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Weekenders

Surprise, surprise! My fabulous self went out every night this weekend!

Friday was pretty low key. I was supposed to get drinks with Tessa and some of her friends, but they weren't planning on going out until later, so I met up with Anna at Starbucks for some good girl talk.  It was her birthday and she'd just been out to a nearby vineyard for dinner with her husband.  I've heard such good things about Gervasi, but its pretty pricey, so The Writer and I haven't quite made our way out there yet.  11pm rolled around and Tessa, etcetera, still hadn't left to get drinks, so I decided to call it a night, since I'd been awake since 4:00 am.

Saturday brought more Anna-time! We met for lunch at Corky's for some good food with disappointing service.  I love their veggie burgers and sweet potato chips, but our server was so unenthusiastic and rude that I would reconsider going back, which is a real shame.  After lunch, we went to get our noses pierced.  She'd had hers done a few months ago, but it had gotten pulled out with a washcloth one night, so she needed to get it done again. I've wanted a little nose stud for a while as well.  We stopped by The Writer's work to pick up some smoothies, since Anna was a bit lightheaded after having a needle shoved through her nose, poor thing.

After church on Saturday night, The Writer and I picked up The Roommate for dinner. No, she wasn't third-wheelin' it, we had set her up on a date with one of The Writer's best friends, Matt.  The Writer and I were going along to help their first date be less awkward. They'd never met each other and were going to Luigi's for dinner.  Luigi's has a sort of cult following in this area, apparently, and The Writer was not about to miss it.  After dinner, we picked up angel food cake and strawberries and settled in at The Writer's apartment to watch Office Space. It's one of those movies that he always tells me I need to see, since I fell asleep the first time I tried watching it. I may have made it through the first half, maybe less.  It didn't take me long to doze off.

Sunday morning meant blueberry and leftover strawberry pancakes.  Since he's been picking up more hours at work, he had to go in later.  I got back to my place with just enough time to get ready for our roommate reunion that we'd been planning for a month or so.  The Roommate and I used to live in a big house that we shared with Anna and five other girls.  Most people cringe when they think of eight girls living together, but we loved it...most of the time.  We'd all gone our separate ways last May.  Anna and one other girl were getting married, The Roommate, Sammy, and I found a condo to spend the next year in, two of the other girls created another community house to live in, and one moved back onto campus.  We hadn't all been together since moving out, so we decided to meet for dinner at Olive Garden. I remember why I never eat at Olive Garden - my stomach hated me later that night and last night after I had the leftovers.  It was so much fun seeing everyone that it was worth the heavy cream sauce and Black Tie Mousse Cake that I indulged in.  I was NOT feeling skinny anymore after that dinner.

A quick and fruitless trip to Target later and it was bedtime for me.  My weekend hasn't been that busy in a while! It may have been a strong contributing factor to the bad "case of The Mondays" that I had yesterday (I was awake for that part).

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